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ViestiLähetetty: 24.05.2022 20:53
Kirjoittaja admistor
Hello everyone, well bots who are doing illegal things on this forum. I really don't know does anyone ever read this, i created this forum in 2017 on goal to create Finnish Forum, unfortunantly i totally forgot this even existed and during these 5 years this forum has grown to semi active, without me being able to monitore it. Here is over 6900 members that's a lot and the forum is even semi active. Unfortunantly most propably 99% of the members are just bots who post completely illegal stuff here. And i'm not going to clear these messages, i cannot tolerate this kind of action. So the only option is to delete this forum. I have already contacted "munfoorumi" support.
Thank you for making this forum even a bit active, even though it was done by bots.